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Facials: What, Why, & When

It's no surprise that everyone deserves a little pampered time. We can all indulge in the 'me time' we find when we get our nails, hair styled, or specialty facials.

So why are facials important & how often should we be getting them?

For starters, think of a facial like a trip to your doctor for a checkup or a dentist office visit. Even though we take care of ourselves at home, it is necessary to be treated by a professional.

When you visit your Esthetician you receive a thorough cleanse specific to your skin type & will receive a treatment for any skin conditions you have or are concerned about. This may come in the form of a peel, mask, or a professional device to aide the process.

Extractions really are a delicate matter, and if not done correctly can result in scarring and damage or worse, infection. By letting your Esthetician perform extractions you are giving your skin a safer alternative to picking. They have been trained in the variety of options for tools & have access to professional products to give the best extraction possible.

Get a professional opinion. Sometimes our home care products are full of ingredients that can be harming our skin vs. actually helping. Also, did you know our environment or tendencies influence the way our skin reacts. Maybe you are looking for some tips to keep your redness down, or want to know what SPF you should really be using for protection. Feel free to have a conversation with your Esthetician about your routines, and ask any questions you may have. If they aren't able to give you an exact answer right away, you can be sure they will do an extensive amount of research to come back to you with and give you the best answer to help with your concerns. It's their job, and they love what they do or they wouldn't be in that occupation; your Esthetician wants to help.

Lastly, it is a great environment to just relax and unwind. A soft table, a warm blanket, a soothing mini nap; I can almost guarantee you won't want to get up when it's over. With a majority of facials, you will receive a facial massage of some type, & maybe the use of some beneficial relaxing tools. A hand and arm massage or even a shoulder/scalp massage can take place during the facial as well. It's a great way to have some calming time while being pampered with some effective products and skincare.

Now for the question you are probably asking; how often do I really need a facial?

I provided you with this image to help understand the process of a facial. Obviously right after a facial, your skin is glowing and feeling hydrated as it should. That amazing hydration sticks around a few days as circulation has been stimulated and continues to work. Within the next 28-48 days your cells begin to regenerate, & this time varies with age. The more we mature, the longer the time in between cell regeneration (healthier, new skin) So if you're in your teens - twenties, you may be okay with facials every 6 weeks out but when we get more towards our thirties + then you may want to consider more frequent facials for your best skin possible. I hope this helped everyone understand a little more about the benefits of facials, & why we should seek a professional, even if it is just once a month. If there are any questions at all you are more then welcome to comment below or send me a message!


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