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Makeup Sanitation Basics

If you work in the beauty industry then you should have learned about sanitation techniques. But what if you only use makeup occasionally, or just on yourself? You should be okay right? Not exactly. There are many reasons why you should disinfect not just your professional kit, but your personal products as well.

Here are a few tips. . .

1. Your eyes are the most easily affected & prone to infections. Are you tossing out your mascara monthly? You should be. When’s the last time you cleaned the outside of your packaging? If you have an eye infection, toss your mascara immediately. Be sure to clean any eye products by sharpening & spraying with alcohol (e.g. eyeliner, eye shadows, eyelash curlers, etc.).

2. Use 70% Isopropyl alcohol for sanitation & be sure to saturate brushes completely before wiping clean. However you should also be cleaning your brushes with a brush cleanser weekly.

3. Do you use a makeup sponge? These should be washed daily, & replaced every 30 days as you cannot really clean a porous item & as beautiful as the outside may end up looking the inside will be contaminated & harboring bacteria.

4. Keep your brushes covered. After you finish washing them, you want to be sure & cover them while they dry. Store them in a closed container to keep dust, bacteria, etc. from settling on brushes.

5. Eye shadows & any pressed powders such as blush, etc. can be sanitized by spraying a cosmetic disinfectant or 70% alcohol on the product & then wiping the top layer clean. Lipsticks can be sanitized by twisting the entire lipstick out of the container and either dipping in alcohol or spraying & then wiping at least three layers off of the top.

Sanitation is extremely important, & although you may not learn about it if you aren’t in the industry, you should take care of what products you use daily on your face, & be sure to keep them clean just as you would anything else. Let me know if you have been doing these tips, or if you’re going to start implementing them into your makeup routine. Comment below with any other tips you have!

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